Kaspersky Total Security for Android Review – Why Is This the Best Security Suite?

Think of all of the important information stored on your tablets and phones. Everything from your social media account to family photo albums requires protection. If you’re involved in business, there will likely be critical company data stored on those devices as well. What if you ever lose your Android device, or someone manages to hack into it? The best way to protect everything is with Kaspersky Total Security for Android.

The Total Security package offers a lot more than the Internet Security and Antivirus packages. You can expect premium protection for all of the sensitive information on your Android phones. You can order it online through the website or via Google Play. Choose between a one-year and two-year subscription for your Android device.

Kaspersky does a good job of stopping threats, no matter which web browser you use. The technology will detect malicious files and stop them before they download and start attacking your device. It gets a high rating for its detection capabilities by all of the leading independent antivirus labs. You can do manual scanning of apps whenever you need to, and allow automatic scanning for the rest of the time.

In addition to virus protection, Kaspersky Total Security for Android also offers features like parental controls, anti-phishing technology, and call / texting filtering, which is highly flexible. Tablets and smartphones aren’t the only devices you can protect, either. Total Security also offers support for Android Wear products, which simplifies overall security management.

Digital Dangers Without Kaspersky Total Security for Android

You won’t have to worry about digital dangers, including malware and ransomware attacks. It performs in a way that doesn’t interfere with operation. Your device won’t slow down at all, as Kaspersky runs quietly and efficiently in the background.

Keep your details away from the prying eyes of relatives, friends, and co-workers with the Confidentiality feature. Use it to lock key apps with a special code. While you’re at it, you can hide texts, logs, and calls from nosy people.

Don’t worry if you ever have to reset the device. Even if you install the app again, the program key will still work, as long as there is still time left on your subscription. The whole program is easy to setup and use. There are many user-friendly features, so that even a beginner will be able to figure everything out.

Kaspersky Total Security for Android isn’t just any ordinary program. It’s nicely designed and offers good, award-winning technology. Even though Androids do tend to be relatively safe on their own, it always helps to have that extra protection. Get it today and start protecting your digital life.

The company offers a variety of free tools to help you get started. Once you get the hang of things, it will be time to use coupons and promo codes on Kaspersky Total Security for Android. These deals will help you save on your subscription.

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How To Choose The Best Android App Developer?

Android is an open source operating system created by Google Inc. which has revolutionized the world of smart phones and mobile devices. A large number of people across the globe use a variety of devices powered by Android. Due to the popularity of Android powered devices, many businesses from around the world have started developing application for Android, for promoting their business. Developing app for Android devices is a great tool of marketing which allows organizations to create an impact on the minds of the people. However, for successful android app development marketing, you need to choose the best app developer.

Here are a few tips that will help you in choosing the best Android app developer:

Look around before you choose anyone – you should not take any decision in a hurry. Instead, you should look around so that you can locate an able and efficient app developer who can meet the requirements of your business. Even though you can search for such individuals in your locality, the best option is to look for them online. The internet is full of firms and individuals who offer software or application development services. You can easily get in touch with them through email and find out if they can offer you with what you require.

Opt for an experienced firm or individual – in this particular line of business, experience certainly counts. Developing applications is not an easy task and only experienced individuals will have a good understanding of how the process works. They will be able to cater to the needs of all kinds of people, and they can also understand what will be best for your business. Besides, they will be better equipped to fix any bugs, which might be detected in the testing stages. Thus, it is advisable that you only opt for the services of an experienced Android app developer for your business.

Obtain information about their reputation – you must understand that the internet is full of fake developers who cannot provide you with any real service. Hence, it is very important that you find out if the individual or the firm that you want to opt for is reputed. The best way to obtain such information is to read reviews about these firms, posted on various online forums. When you read the reviews which are posted by actual customers of these firms, you will get an idea about their reputation. The reviews will also give you information about their quality of service.

Find out if they are versatile – before selecting any particular app developer firm, you should find out if they are able to develop all kinds of applications. They should be versatile so that they can help your business with all its needs and create an Android application which can help in making your business popular. If they are not very versatile, they may not be able to create the application that your business requires. Also, they should have the required knowledge for creating the ideal android app for your business.

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Call Centre Setup Using Android Phone With Enjay Synapse Mobile


There are two components of Enjay Synapse Mobile Solution.

  1. Enjay Synapse Mobile – CRM Module.
  2. Enjay Synapse Mobile – Android App.

Synapse Mobile is an Android based App which works with Sugar CRM or any Sugar Variant (like SuiteCRM). It enables your Android phone to act as a call centre device. Eg: A call comes to your mobile, and a pop-up will appear in your CRM, OR you click on the Number in CRM, and Synapse Mobile automatically dials from Android Phone.

You can also use Synapse to send/receive SMS. All Calls/SMS (Inbound/outbound) are logged into CRM automatically. Even the calls are recorded (Conditions apply) and recording is placed in CRM (Calls Module).


You get any call on your mobile, and your CRM screen will pop up the details of the caller.

  1. You click on any number in Seattle and a call is automatically dial from your mobile
  2. All the calls incoming and outgoing are logged automatically into CRM
  3. Call recording is also synced with CRM which means you can access call recording logs from CRM
  4. Calls are recorded on the Android app, and they are periodically synchronized to CRM


  1. A browser on any PC for accessing the CRM.
  2. An Android phone where you can install Enjay synapse mobile app. Android phone should be about android 4.4
  3. It’s preferred to have both the Android phone and the PC with your browser should be in same Wi-Fi. However even if Mobile is on 3G and your PC using Wifi, then also it can work smoothly.


  1. Incoming Call Popup.
  2. Click to Call for outgoing Calls.
  3. Call logging directly into CRM.
  4. Call Recording file directly into CRM.
  5. Send SMS from your CRM, and it goes from your Mobile.
  6. If you receive SMS on your Mobile, it gets logged into CRM.
  7. All Calls/SMS logged into CRM are automatically related (to Lead/Contact/Account) and assigned to the particular user.


  1. No Capex required for setup. No hardware or expensive software needed for installation.
    1. No Telephony Server (or EPABX Required).
    2. CRM server not required to be installed on-premise.
    3. No PRI Modems required.
    4. No IP Phones required.
    5. No Cabling required.
  2. PRI Problems
    1. PRI lines are hard to get due to Technical and feasibility issues.
    2. Calls done from PRI lines are much costlier than GSM SIMs.
    3. Not suitable for smaller Teams since PRI always comes in bulk of 10/30 lines.
    4. Monthly Budget (or commitment) is much higher and not affordable for smaller groups.
    5. If some customer lodges some DNC (Do Not Call) violation complaint entire PRI line is blocked – which means your entire Call centre is down.
  3. Other Advantages
    1. Each Number is bound to Individual Agents. So no need of Intelligent routeing.
    2. Response rates to landline (or Telemarketing) Numbers are always low. So calling from GSM (Mobile) Number increases your chance of call pickup.
    3. Some level of Call Distribution and Call Queue can be achieved using Mobile Forwarding features (like if Busy then transfer to other Mobile Number or if not picked up within certain seconds then transfer to another Mobile number). Note: These services are provided by your Telecom Operator and not Synapse Mobile.
  4. Technology Advantages
    1. All calls are logged automatically into CRM. Which means you get great reporting.
    2. Missed Call Management (right from CRM dashboard).
    3. Call recording file right into CRM (Calls Module).
    4. Calls get related to Leads / Contacts / Accounts directly into CRM.
    5. Call disposition is selected directly into CRM (much easier to manage).
    6. Do Lead / Sales Management also along with conventional telephony, which increases efficiency to much higher level.
    7. You are managing everything on Large Screen in the browser, which is much easier to handle as compared to Mobile device.
    8. You can have multiple campaigns for multiple users (or groups).
    9. The big advantage with data security, as you are not giving Excel files to callers, but you are uploading it securely. Users can only originate calls, and they cannot download all the data.
  5. Excellent Reporting
    1. User wise calls.
    2. Total call duration
    3. Productivity reports.
    4. Lots of custom reports from CRM platform.
  6. Enhanced Productivity
    1. Enjay Synapse Supports SMS and Email Templates.
    2. Manager/Admin can see live reporting and statistics.


  1. Cloud telephony there is always double billing because each call requires two channels.
  2. GSM Calling rates are lowest compared to any other phone line (PRI or Landline)
  3. The biggest advantage is that You own the number. You don’t get tied up to Cloud telephony provider.
  4. If Customer calls you – you see the Customer’s Number.
  5. If you call the Customer – Customer sees your number.


  1. Which Android OS are supported.
    1. Android 4.4 and above.
  2. Is Synapse Mobile available on iOS phones?
    1. NO, It’s not available and No immediate plans for releasing.
  3. Which Sugar CRM versions / Editions are supported.
    1. Sugar CRM. 6.5.x (Any edition – CE, Pro, Ent)
  4. Which Suite CRM versions / Editions are supported.
    1. Any Suite CRM version which is based on Sugar version 6.5.x or above.
  5. How to Buy Synapse Mobile
    1. Click on above button for Demo, fill up the form and we will connect you.
  6. What is the Synapse Mobile subscription model
    1. Synapse Mobile is priced per user per month basis.
  7. Can Synapse Mobile work if there is No Internet connection to Mobile or if My CRM is onsite?
    1. The only requirement is that both Mobile and CRM should be in single Network. So if you have onsite Server and all your users are local. There is no internet required.
  8. What permissions do I have to allow in my Mobile Device for running Synapse Mobile?
    1. Manage Phone Calls.
    2. Record Audio
    3. Access Media
    4. Access Contacts
    5. Access SMS
  9. How does call recording feature work in Synapse Mobile?
    1. Voice file is recorded and stored in Mobile device and then uploaded to CRM instance after couple of minutes
    2. Voice of another party may be feeble (this is due to Android Security feature). Few device may even not support the recording. Recording works very smoothly on Samsung Mobiles.

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3 Ways Google’s In-App Search Will Influence Android App Development

Currently, the applications activities are limited to Google applications that are YouTube, Spotify and Gmail, and will shortly extend to popular applications such as LinkedIn and Facebook Messenger.

How does it work?

In App is an offline feature as it conducts search across the Android device, and not the internet or cloud storage. It is similar to Apple’s Spotlight that allows user to find data directly on the phone. Until now, Google used the Firebase App Indexing to help app developers to facilitate search on Google for online information and be redirected to the application. This type of search allows the user to view app content directly. With In App search, user’s search becomes more focused, as they will only find relevant app information that is stored in their device.

We discuss 4 ways Google’s In-app search will influence Android app development.

Direct app access

When a user inputs a relevant search keyword into In App search, all the offline data that is stored on their device in the application is shown in results. This not only makes the results more concise, it also enables user to open the application and go directly to the feature they are seeking without making multiple inputs.

Finding Relevant content where it is stored

Often, the content that is being sought is saved in mobile applications and it is unnecessary for user to make a search of the web to find it. In the past Google has made indexing apps for search on the web, with In Apps, this feature has been brought to the limited field of user device. User can search for tasks, messages, multimedia, contacts and other specific app related information at a single point and get faster results. For instance, just like the search feature on WhatsApp, if the user is looking for some specific information, like information shared with a friend on Facebook Messenger or specific passage of note stored in Evernote, they can find it directly on In- App.

Deciding which apps In Apps will work on

The user has the choice to decide which applications the In App feature will work on. Users also have the choice to add which apps they would like the search feature to extend to by toggling the various apps on or off on the Google App’s Settings. Since, the app will be working offline; user is protected from sharing their data with Google as private information will not be sent to their server. This gives the user more effective control over their personal data and lets them decide what information they would like to share and what they won’t. This is crucial especially in case of sensitive applications such as payment gateways, mCommerce apps and banking applications where user may safely save their finance related details.

Concentrated Search Efforts

In the past Google has provided a host of Search indexing options that were largely web-dependent. With the new In App search option, they have finally entered a more concentrated search spectrum that gives users greater control over the data. Currently, In App is only available on specific Android devices, but it will soon be rolled out on a larger scale.

Android developers can leverage the benefits of In App search by integrating this Google device feature to their application directly rather than create a separate search feature within their applications. this will create easier access for the user too and help the application to organically blend with the device.

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The Future of Android Games, Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

Mobile gaming has come a very long way since the introduction of crude & simple games like Snake and Pong which were available on early Nokia phones. Mobile processors and graphics are now as powerful as desktop computers were just a few years ago. Older generations still remember lugging around a Game Boy or Game gear and begging their parents for another game. New generations literally have access to 100’s of thousands of games on their mobile device.

In short, mobile gaming has exploded in just a few years time. In the month of July 2016 there were 63.1 million arcade games downloaded & games in the “strategy” category generated $195M revenue. In a recent study over 37% of mobile app users with 30 minutes of free time choose to play games over any other activity. We’ve all seen it and we’ve all done it ourselves, whether its waiting for an appointment or sitting at the airport, we pull out our mobile device and jump into a quick game to kill the time.

So what does all of this mean for the future of android gaming? For starters, the massive amounts of revenue and user interest in android gaming has bolstered continuous innovation and fierce competition in the global marketplace. For example, just 12 months ago, top executives were saying they didn’t see any major benefit to augmented reality. With the release of Pokemon Go and estimates citing as much as $500 million in revenue in just 60 days, I think we can all agree augmented reality is here to stay.

Virtual reality is another area that has been picking up steam in recent months. You can now buy virtual reality headsets at local gas stations for a mere $30. Or if you’re on a budget you can purchase Google Cardboard for as little as $7.00. There are still only a limited number of VR enabled games but that number is increasing daily. Not only that, as more and more people experience VR we are sure to see a blockbuster release sooner or later.

Let’s take a look at some real life examples of recent game releases. Dawn of Titans which was recently released on Google Play was in development for over 2 years. This is akin to the development cycle of a mid-level PC game release on Steam. The game features mass controlled troops, world building elements and impressive graphics. A few years ago this would be considered a major release for the Android platform. These days this is just another drop in the massive pond. With over 2.4 million apps and games currently listed on Google Play it’s become harder and harder to stand out. This is actually good news for gamers as developers are working harder and faster to create new innovative titles to attract users.

I firmly believe that both Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) titles are going to gain more traction in 2017. Major developers who can pump out triple A content can’t be left in the dust while indie developers pump out AR and VR enabled games. They will be forced to port existing titles and come up exciting new ways to interact with the mobile devices.

There are many gimmicky games available that utilize the phones microphone, gyroscope, camera and accelerometer. However, these sensors combined with AR and VR could bring a whole new experience to gamers. Imagine walking through a recreated 3D world that represents your neighbourhood, immersed in full virtual reality, and using your phone as a targeting device to defend against waves of zombies. This is already possible with the technology that is available, it just needs to be packaged in a user friendly way that people can enjoy.

Combining meticulous graphics with well thought out virtual reality experiences would be impressive indeed. If you’re familiar with PC based virtual reality demo’s you already know how immersive the experience can be. It’s only a matter of time before these same experiences make their way to our mobile devices en masse. And to think, only 30 years ago we were playing Mario on our beloved Nintendo consoles. Let’s not even mention the Virtual Boy that burned your eyes after 2 minutes of playing tennis. Android games and mobile games in general have come a long ways since then and they will continue to push barriers even further in the near future.

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How to Recover Android Data After Factory Reset?

There are many times when people factory reset their android smartphone. Mostly they do it when their memory gets full, the performance of the device becomes slow due to a lot of applications, there is some malware related issue with the phone, or when people are selling it or giving it away to someone.

The process of factory reset is designed to be such that whenever user does a reset, every data and setting gets deleted from one’s phone, which takes the phone back to the same condition in which it was when it came out of the factory, thus giving existence to the term ‘factory’ reset.

How to Do a Factory Reset?

To do a reset, all one needs to do is go to their Android smartphone’s Settings section. From there, go to the System settings, where you will find the Advanced option. In the section, the is an option called reset, which you need to choose so as to do a factory reset. Remember, always back up your important data such as contacts, music and other things you find important before doing a factory reset.

Is Data Recoverable After a Factory Reset?

Yes, it must be known that Android data is recoverable even after one does a reset. This is a very important thing, because it might be of help to the people who lost something important, and it might be harmful for those who did a factory reset to protect their data.

There are various tools and softwares that are available with which you can extract your mobile phone’s deleted data. All one needs to do is look for them on the internet, download them and use them for extracting deleted data from a mobile phone. It is a very simple process indeed.

Now the question is, can we still protect our data? The answer to that is also yes. You can still protect your data.

Let us look as to how that can be done-

Built-in Encryption of Android Devices-

Before Android released their operating system Marshmallow 6.0, the Android phones did not come with default encryption. One needed to put it up before doing a factory reset so that their recovered data cannot be directly.

But since the Marshmallow 6.0 update, the phone comes with encryption that has been already enabled, meaning that even if you recover your phone’s data, you would not be able to access directly without going through the encryption.

Cloud Backup-

Cloud backup is another thing you need to look at. Most phones these days sync some important data on Google Drive from where you can recover it on a new device or even your older one even after a factory reset just by accessing your Google account.

However, there’s no guarantee that cloud backups such as Google Drive is completely safe. In fact, it’s the exact opposite of safe. There have been many cases of cloud storages of people being hacked and their data being stolen, so always remember to keep only unimportant data on your Google cloud storage.

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Top 5 Free SMS Managers for Android

Software applications, shortened to Apps, have helped enhance a smartphone user’s ability to multitask. It offers everything at your fingertips. However, there are a few applications that do not introduce anything new; they improve on existing functions.

Text messaging or SMS has been around for ages even before Android opened its eyes to the world. An SMS allows you to convey complex messages in the least number of words. A few apps designed for Android have revamped the traditional text messaging feature. They allow you to organize SMSs on your device, provide backup, regular inbox cleanups and blocking and security features. There are free and paid SMS manager apps for Android. We have discussed 5 Free SMS Managers for Android.

1. SMS Backup n2 Manager:

The name gives you a hint of the primary feature it offers. It allows you to backup and restore text messages. When you download and install the application on your device, a backup file is created on your SD card. All text messages are transferred from your phone to this backup file thereby freeing up tons of phone memory. It backups up everything; you can delete what you do not want. The other highlight features include the ability to send international messages at a low rate, bubble style chat view and multi-language support.

2. Gate SMS:

Gate SMS is another free SMS manager for Android devices that can be downloaded at the Google Play store. This is an app to use if your carrier charges unusually high text rates. It offers internet gateway support and helps you save on every text message you send. It identifies the operator automatically, reminds users of unread messages and allows you to set a message ringtone of your choice with different levels of vibration. The only drawback is this free SMS management app for Android displays a lot of ads not present in the premium version.

3. SMS Guard:

It’s annoying to be bombarded with junk messages from unknown persons. SMS Guard stands out for its blocking feature. You only have to add the number to the Deny list. Thereafter, all messages from that number will automatically be removed to the junk box or deleted without notifications. Not all SMS manager applications are compatible with older versions of Android. SMS Guard supports Android versions 1.6 and up.

4. SMS Manager:

How you wish there was a way to hide private and personal messages from prying eyes! Fortunately, there is one in the form of SMS Manager. It enables you to move text messages from the Android inbox to the application inbox. The password protection feature makes it easy to hide personal text messages from others. Another good feature is the ability to enable and disable notifications for incoming and outgoing text messages.

5. Auto SMS Cleaner /Deleter

If your inbox is filled with junk and is eating into your phone memory, it’s time for a cleanup. We’re not talking about deleting single messages. This best free Android SMS manager allows you to cleans several message at a time. The user has to input the two dates between which he wants the messages to be deleted. One need not worry as deleted messages can be restored later.

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What to Consider When You Switch From Android to iPhone

Although they may be tempted, many users are afraid to take the radical step of changing their cell phone and operating system… what about the photos, the music collection, and the contacts? The process of moving from iOS to Android or vice versa and migrating all the data can be cumbersome, but not impossible. So there is no reason to stay “stuck” in the network of Apple products or Google: here we tell you how to make the jump without despair in the attempt. In this installment, we cover the steps to move from the Android system to the iOS.

Use a Migration App
If you do not want to do the process of transferring your data step by step, you can use the services of a migration app, such as the free Copy My Data or AT&T Mobile Transfer, although the available applications vary from one country to another. This type of application transfers your contacts, calendars, photos, and videos through a Wi-Fi connection, so you do not need to connect your phone to a computer.

Anyway, before starting next points, you need to have a look at what successful entrepreneur FERAS ANTOON said about. You just have to download the app on both phones; Android and iPhone and follow the instructions.

How to Transfer Your Contacts and other Documents
During the configuration process, when you add the email accounts you want to your new iPhone or iPad, you can also choose to include the data associated with each email account, be it contacts, calendars or notes.

On the other hand, if you store your contacts and calendars in an account of a social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Weibo, you can use the apps of those same networks to transfer them to your new iPhone.

To do this you must log in from your cell phone in the particular app you want and activate in the calendar and contacts settings. According to data from July 2015, Apple sold 47.5 million of the iPhone in the quarter that ended in June, 35% more than last year. But iPad demand continued to decline, 18% less than the previous year. Also, if you create an account in iCloud, using your Apple ID, you can also import the contacts that you have recorded in the vcard file and keep them stored in the cloud.

To do this from your computer go to http://www.icloud.com, enter with your Apple account and click on “Contacts”. Click on the icon on the bottom left that looks like a small wheel and mark “Import vCard” in the menu.

When you turn on your new iPhone, the setup wizard will help you activate iCloud on your cell phone. If you skipped that step in the configuration process you can activate it manually by going to Settings or Settings> iCloud. With iCloud, you can also access from your iPhone any Word, Excel or PowerPoint document that you have saved in the cloud.

How to Transfer Your Photos
In order not to lose the photos and videos of your Android phone you will have to transfer them to your new iPhone or iPad using an app or a computer with iTunes. You will find various data transfer apps in the Apple App Store and in the Google Play store depending on your country.

In addition to the general data migration applications mentioned earlier, there are also other specific ones for photos, such as PhotoSync. Alternatively, you can transfer your images to iTunes using a Mac or PC computer. For this, you will have to first pass your images from your Android phone to your computer and then synchronize them with iTunes.

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Planning Android App Development? Here Are 4 Golden Rules for Success

Today, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that android apps are the future of the app development industry, since businesses of all sizes across industry verticals are opting for android mobile app development. According to a report by Statista there were 2.87 million android apps available for download as of the third quarter of 2020. From this soaring figure, one can draw out the inference that the demand for android app development service providers has surged significantly. If you are planning android application development for your business, don’t forget to follow these 4 golden rules for success.

1. Understand User Persona

First things first – you need to understand the user persona, only then you’ll be able to come up with an application that is used by millions of people. Conduct in-depth analysis to figure out the exact problem your customers are facing. In other words, you need to understand the needs and requirements of your target audience. Once you have the data of your user requirements, you can hire an android app development company to craft an application that solves their challenges.

2. Responsive UI

The user-interface of a mobile application is one such critical element that can make or break your business. Ergo, it’s wise to hire seasoned developers from professional android application development service providers having expertise in adjusting the width in such a way that every element (be it text, images, videos, etc.) in the screen can be adjustable as per the screen size. By doing this, you can come up with an intuitive UI that offers a frictionless user experience.

3. App Performance Optimization

Today, the market is inundated with a wide gamut of Android powered smartphones. Each device has a different set of functions and capabilities. Therefore, when outsourcing your android app development project to a company, you should always make sure that they are well-versed with different android device’s compatibility requirements and can optimize your application performance across all Android devices.

4. Balance of Creativity and Functionality

To make your android mobile application successful, you need to ensure that it strikes the right balance between functionality and creativity. No doubt, people love using mobile applications having interesting features, but that doesn’t mean you should add features to your mobile application just for the sake of adding. Instead, you should consider adding those features that are meaningful and add some value to your application. In short, you also need to ensure that your android application offers great aesthetics alongside a smooth user experience.

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Download Free Android Apps and Get Them Tailored to Your Needs!

Mobile phones work well as pocket fit PCs because the Android OS is extremely flexible and is based on Linux Kernel. Smart apps can be easily created without having to code through complex procedures and are lucrative enough too. Many software development companies have taken the plunge in mobile app development and trying to provide cost-effective app development services.

Mobile app development is a critical process and it requires a developer’s innovative skills and experience to create wonderful apps. The developers need to be constantly on their toes to understand client requirements and also know about the capabilities of a platform in its latest version. Android Application development is ruling the roost although there is immense competition in the field from the other players: iOS4 and Symbian to name a few. Alternatively, there are thousands of mobile app development companies who offer users great sites to download free Android apps in different categories.

Some of the main reasons for the success of the Android OS:

With an open source platform, the developers can concentrate on clientele needs without having to worry about the cost involved or the complexity involved in developing apps

The SDK is quite superb and easy to use for an average developer

Stable and secure OS, the best in the industry and the UI is smooth and seamless in operation with very less chances of crashes

Porting of the app is hassle free

The investment involved with Android App development is low, thanks to it being open-source. This helps the ROI factor and the ever-increasing App store from where users can even download free Android apps. The apps prove profitable in terms of multiple buys and clickable ads which generate revenue.

Why Android application development?

Cost-effective because it is open source

Let your imagination wild on Android SDK for developing creative apps

C/C++ and Java programming languages used for development which makes it easy for developers who have worked
previously in these technologies

Replicated code can be used to create multiple apps of similar types

Focus on clientele needs more than the complexity of development

Performance stability and security is great due to presence of Linux kernel in the platform

Porting of apps is hassle-free and the investment and time involved is comparatively lower than other apps created in other technologies

Quick and precise info can be found

Get your apps created through a professional Android application developer and be careful while hiring anyone. Hiring an inexperienced developer or a mobile app development company can lead to total disaster!

Source by JP Novin