Bellperre Luxury Phones – The Last Name For the Customizable Luxury Cell Phones

In the present era there is nothing as good as holding an expensive model of cell phone in your hand. The time when people used to buy the mobile phones to communicate with there beloved is left far behind. These day people buy the mobile phones to show their status in the society. The time has gone when people used to buy mobiles so that they remain in touch with their family and friends. Once if you buy a model of the luxury phone then all the eyes will chase you. It is completely going to upgrade your status.

Further in this article I will be drawing your attention towards a luxury phone which is trendy in its looks as well, Bellperre Timeless Luxury Phone. If ‘Go Green’ is what you aim at then these luxury phones are well suited to your personality. A combo of greenery and luxury may appear unfeasible to you at the present moment but Belleperre Timeless Luxury Phones have emerged with a new range of luxury phones that makes the above combo possible. The phone makers of this company have made the exterior of this model with wood from sustainable plastics. It has zero percent plastic in it.

The leading charisma of this handset is its outer framework that can be personalized as per your wish. If you desire for a classy facade then this is the best option among all the luxury cell phones present in the market. Each handset of this range is meant to satisfy your hunger for unusual leather and expensive jewels. This wood phone comes with a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels and 2 inches display. The screen glass of this cell phone is made from unscratchable sapphire crystals and the keypad is prepared from brushed stainless steel.

This luxury phone is 100 meters long, 44 meters wide, 15.5 meters thick and weighs 120 grams. Apart from all this the phone is facilitated by Stereo Bluetooth facility. Thus hand – free calling is enabled. The owners of these handsets can confine there best moments with help of the camera, which also supports video recording. A MP3 Video player is fitted to the cell phone which has a perfect sound quality. The model runs on the Windows mobile operating system.

Before I conclude my article I want to aware you that this cell phone is solely manufactured for the people who can spend a huge amount for their stylish luxury cell phones.

Source by Sophiar William

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