Blank WordPress Dashboard Screen?

When you log in to your WordPress dashboard, are you seeing a blank white screen, with only the dashboard menu items on the left hand side?

Possible Cause: Your hosting company may have recently upgraded to the latest PHP version.

Contributing cause: You may be running a version of WordPress that has not been updated in a long time, perhaps more than a year or two.

To fix it, try the process outlined below.

IMPORTANT: In order to use these steps, you must have FTP access to your website. It is highly recommended that you have a backup copy of your website downloaded to your computer before beginning this process. Our backup plugin of choice is Backup Buddy. We have included the backup procedure in the steps below:

Here are the general steps we have successfully used on several occasions to solve the issue:

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard so that you can view the blank screen.
  2. Log in to your website through FTP.
  3. Change the name of your htaccess file to x-htaccess. (We will change it back later)
  4. Refresh the browser window where you viewed the blank screen. It should no longer be blank. (Your website may not function properly at this point. Usually the home page works fine, but the internal pages don’t.)
  5. Purchase the Backup Buddy plugin from iThemes. If you already own it and have a reliable backup on your computer, skip to step 10.
  6. Install the Backup Buddy plugin by uploading the “backupbuddy” folder into your WordPress plugins folder via FTP. (The plugins folder location is: /wp-content/plugins)
  7. In your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the plugins folder and activate the Backup Buddy plugin.
  8. Once activated, click BackupBuddy/Backup (bottom left of your WordPress dashboard).
  9. Backup and download a zip copy of your “Complete Backup” (not Database only) to your computer desktop.
  10. Upgrade to the latest version of WordPress (with the confidence of knowing you have a backup.)
  11. With your FTP program, rename the x-htaccess file back to htaccess.

You should now be able to view your entire WP dashboard. You have a quality backup of your website and your website should be functioning properly.

We have successfully used this process numerous times. If your website or dashboard still does not function properly, restore it with your backup copy and continue to diagnose the problem.

Your hosting company’s technical support team should also be a good source of information.

Source by Steve Pillitu

WordPress Website Development – Becoming A Popular Choice Today

People find a lot of ways to go about to create a website for their business or for personal reasons online. But most of these are not at all effective since the majority does not know how effective the results would be. Before starting a website of your own, it is necessary to know what you are entering into. Considering a cost-effective and easy way to create and online presence might be your choice. For such people considering WordPress website development would be very much suitable.

WordPress extension also known as WordPress plug-in or add-on or widget is a creation that can boost up the interface and usability of the WordPress website or blog. One can integrate the unit which is made with the help of coding to your site or blog just with the help of a few clicks. WordPress Plugin Development is accomplished for improving the external overview of the website. In short, a WordPress extension development helps in enhancing the usability of the website and improves and modifies the external interface of the website.

For the purpose of website development, WordPress is better when compared to its competitors. The reasons why WordPress CMS design and development has become a popular choice for website design over other products and services available in the market are many.

Many choose to spend a lot of money on a professional designer to set up a WordPress website for them. But it is not necessary at all. WordPress can be started without a huge sum as a startup capital. Except for the cost of the domain name and hosting account, you need not spend much. But if you are not at all skilled in handling it or if you do not have that much time to spend, then you can Hire WordPress developer for your site, which will not cost you much.

Even though you choose to use and manage your WordPress website all by yourself, you will be impressed by the easy methods of updating and making changes in the website without the help of any programming or HTML. Moreover, a good WordPress theme design can make your website look more innovative and attractive too.

As most of the plug-ins are developed by skilled programmers, you are able to customize WordPress website to suite your various needs. You can even avail the assistance of a WordPress customization service if you wish to make your website fill with exclusive features. A custom WordPress developer can help you in a perfect way to make your website one of a kind.

WordPress website is popular for its templates. You can use these to customize your website. To have a unique template design for your site is possible very with the thousands of templates available for you with the help of the many WordPress Template design and development services out there.

Source by Giselle Rosselli

How to Install WordPress Themes Without FTP

One of the greatest parts of running a WordPress website is the ability to quickly and easily change the layout, look and feel of the entire thing in just a few seconds by swapping themes. There are thousands and thousands of themes out there with new ones being made each and every day. The question is, how do you install WordPress Themes?

Three ways to Install a WordPress Theme

There are really three ways to install WordPress themes and we’re going to go over the two most common. First is to install a free theme from the WordPress Free Themes Directory, second is to upload a theme from your desktop using the built in WordPress Uploader and the third, and trickiest, is uploading a theme from your desktop using a File Transfer Protocol program

Free Themes Directory Method

Within your WordPress dashboard navigate to Appearance, then Themes and then click the tab at the top of the page titled Install Themes. By using the search function, using the Feature Filter, or clicking on “Featured,” “Newest” or “Recently Updated” you will be searching through the Free Themes Directory on the WordPress website. This is the only safe spot, really, to find free themes. Once you find the theme you want click “Install” and then “Install Now.” At this point you can also choose to activate your new theme so it is live on the internet for all to see.

WordPress Zip File Upload Method

There are going to be occasions where you either purchase a Premium theme or find a free theme outside of the WordPress website (which can be very risky). In this case you will typically download the theme to your computer in the form of a ZIP file. A ZIP file is s type of file that, basically, allows you to compress a large file, or many files, into a smaller and easier to handle file. If you get your theme ZIP file from a good spot chances are you can do the one click upload/install.

To upload a zipped theme from your desktop into your WordPress website visit the dashboard of your site, click Appearance on the left side bar, then Themes from the menu. Once on the themes page click the Install Themes tab at the top. Once on the Install Themes page click on Upload near the top of the page. You will be presented with a “Choose a file” button that will allow you to navigate to the zip file on your computer. Choose the file and click Install Now. Once it’s complete you can activate and use it right away.

If it does not work, for whatever reason, you probably have a bad file or an incorrectly formatted zip file. In this case you may need to use a File Transfer Protocol Program (FTP) to transfer the files.

Take Away

Installing WordPress Themes is pretty simple and quick to do. Go ahead and experiment with different looks and layouts. Be very careful of free themes you find outside of the WordPress website!

Source by William P. Kelly

PSD to WordPress Conversion – What the Future Holds for It?

WordPress is an excellent Content Management System that offers you endless opportunity to customize your website as per specific needs. Whether you want to incorporate a new functionality or modify the existing ones, the PSD to WP conversion services will help you do so. The numerous drawbacks attached to traditional PSD web design have made way for WordPress, which is far more browser-friendly and seo-friendly.

What makes PSD to WordPress conversion a better choice than any markup language driven conversion?

Well, the PSD design, which is designed in Photoshop, doesn’t display appropriately in every browser, which in a way restricts the website from getting noticed by a greater population of consumers. By converting the PSD design to WordPress codes, you will get a chance to improve the visibility of your website while retaining its distinct features. PSD to WordPress conversion offers a great solution to website designers, helping them create custom designs and themes that’re capable of meeting the unique needs of clients.

WordPress has witnessed a tremendous increase in the success rate of business owners who’re in the need of updating their website content on a continuous basis. Thanks to the comprehensive in-built features like user registration, stringent password protection etc, WordPress has been successful in becoming the first preference of business owners who need to perform website management as per a well-organized pattern. Amongst numerous advantages of chopping to WordPress, the ones, which’ve been recognized by a majority of entrepreneurs include:

  • Cross browser compatible web applications– Equipped with automatic code filters, WordPress offers the convenience of slicing PSD files to CSS and HTML. Even with a slight knowledge about PSD slicing, a developer will be able to convert a website’s theme to WordPress. Once this conversion is done, all that the developer will get is a cross browser compatible web application. This web-based application will run on almost all the browsers ranging from Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to Internet Explorer and Opera.
  • Easy availability of budget-friendly service providers– Unlike other template conversion experts, PSD to WP conversion service providers can be found easily. In addition to this, the pocket-friendly rates charged by these experts make them the cost-efficient means of converting the site’s theme to WordPress.
  • Lesser technical support required– You will need very little technical support if you decide to choose PSD to WordPress for your website. The easy-to-use features of WordPress will allow you to have complete control of your website, without the need to learn a lot. You can carry out the basic updating and editing such as changing colors of images and uploading new images. You don’t need to look for any technical help for performing these activities.
  • Assurance of 100% W3C compatibility– W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) is a standard that marks the outstanding stature of a website. You can expect your website to grow only if it meets the W3C standards. When you choose WordPress theme for your site, you ascertain 100% W3C validation for it. The markup conversion professionals will provide you with a website that meets W3C standards and functions in a hassle-free mode.
  • Enhanced ratings on topmost search engines– If you’ve been trying hard to improve your website ratings on the popular search engines but haven’t been able to achieve the desired results then converting your site’s markup language can help you with this. A theme conversion expert would utilize the best tools and techniques to ensure that your site ranks on the first page of Google, MSN, Bing, etc.


Now you’ve them all! With all these impressive advantages of converting PSD to WordPress, who wouldn’t want to switch to WordPress theme for his/her website? However, before delving into these benefits, do ensure to hone your knowledge about WordPress themes because a well-informed decision is always a well-made decision.

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What Should An Ideal WordPress Hosting Provider Give You? More Than Just MySQL and PHP

The WordPress system is an integral part of the internet. There are numerous new websites which are being built on WordPress and have become more than just “blogs”. WordPress has a minimum set of requirements if you want to host it yourself through an independent hosting provider (else you can use Although the list of minimum requirements are the absolutely bare minimum that you need to start a WordPress website, we recommend a little more. Here’s our list of what your hosting provider should give you so that you can start a WordPress website.

Control Panel

Having a Control Panel is something that you just have to have. You cannot miss the Control Panel, as it allows you direct and easy access to your files and configuration for your website. This is something that is very important when you want to troubleshoot or diagnose issues in your WordPress website. Whether you are hosted on Linux or Windows, you must have a Control Panel which will allow you to see error logs, statistics, ftp details, manage files and have an anti-virus or cleanup tools among other things. We love cPanel (for Linux) and so do most people who have some web hosting experience.

Auto Installer

Along with cPanel and other Control Panels, most providers also bundle Auto-Installer systems like Softaculous, Fantastico and Installatron. These auto-installers allow you to install WordPress in a couple of clicks. They are also important in helping you backup your website before you make any harmful changes. The best part about these is that you can also upgrade your entire WordPress software to the latest version, in a single click. Some auto-installers also allow you to setup a reminder when an upgrade is available. They also have an auto-upgrade function which will upgrade the WordPress install without your intervention as soon as a new version becomes available.

MySQL Databases

This is one of the minimum requirements of WordPress. Currently WordPress needs MySQL 5.0 or greater to work well. For Linux Hosting, MySQL is the standard. For Windows Hosting, you may need to clarify with your hosting provider whether they are giving MySQL Databases along with the standard MS SQL Databases in Windows. Since MySQL is also open source, it really complements WordPress pretty well.


Another minimum requirement of WordPress is PHP 5.2.4 or greater. WordPress is written in PHP and hence needs PHP to be installed on the server. Almost all hosting providers, whether Windows or Linux, provide PHP.


PHPMyAdmin is a Database Management tool for MySQL, which is written in the PHP programming language. It allows you to see your database in a tabular form something similar to a spreadsheet and allows you to manipulate and make important changes to the WordPress backend. You no longer need to type long SQL queries or statements and risk making a silly mistake. You can use the simple GUI and click to make changes. While PHPMyAdmin is not a minimum requirement, we cannot imagine managing WordPress smoothly without it. Resetting the WordPress Admin password when you have forgotten it, was never easier than with PHPMyAdmin.

Apache mod_rewrite

Although WordPress does mention Apache mod_rewrite as a minimum requirement for installing WordPress, it need not necessarily be there. mod_rewrite basically alters complex URLs in your WordPress system to look more user-friendly and SEO friendly for Search Engines to understand. Simply put, they change a page number, to the page title. Eg: [] will be automatically replaced with whatever is there in the “Article Slug” like []. You can continue to use the number based URLs but it won’t be as much fun.

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What Is the Cost of Hiring a WordPress Developer?

Whenever we start discussing the CMS’s for designing and developing a website, we cannot neglect the presence of WordPress. WordPress is one of the most powerful CMS platforms that allow you to build websites for different users. Such is the dominance of WordPress that millions of websites have been developed by it. No other CMS can match the reliability and flexibility that WordPress provides.

From the above paragraph, it is clear that WordPress provides a great platform for web development. So, if web development is on your mind then sooner or later you would feel the need of hiring a WordPress developer. When you start looking out for a developer for your website, then there will be two broad choices that you will have to face. One is that of a Freelancer whereas the other is an agency. Regardless of whatever choice you make, either of two would work at a cost for you.

Let’s make a brief comparison of the cost of hiring, between a freelancer and an agency.

Freelancer Rates: Hourly rate of a freelance for WordPress development would range from $25-$40 (for a beginner freelancer) to $175 – $400 (specialist freelancer). The cost of hiring here totally depends on the skill level that is possessed by the freelancer.

Agency Rates: In the case of an agency, the hourly rate would range from $50-$75 (small market agency) to $200-$275 (large market bests).

WordPress is not only about designing and developing; it also demands maintenance services as it offers regular updates. These will also be included in the cost. So, the total cost of WordPress Developer would roughly amount to $500-$2500+ for designing a basic WordPress website. However, WordPress Website Development Cost usually depends on location and market.

There are broadly two types of WordPress developers which you will come across. One is the Bad developers and the other is the good developers. The bad developers are those which will overcharge you, not work at their full potential and thus not deliver the desired product to you. Whereas, the good developers will deliver you more than what was expected from them but will work for you at a premium price.

After comparing the two types of developers one point is clear that the quality of work which the developer delivers is the primary requirement that you must have from a developer. The cost of hiring is an important aspect but where the quality of work is taken into consideration then it also becomes secondary. Whether a developer is worth a premium price tag must be decided on the basis of the expertise level and past work that has been done by the developer.


From the above article is it clear that nothing concrete can be said about the cost of hiring a WordPress developer. You should give importance to the project requirements first and then choose a developer which is best suited for the role. If you are new in this business, then calculated risks must be taken, so that if the developer doesn’t deliver the desired product, you can limit the losses that would incur as a result of it. WordPress Website Development Cost usually depends on location and market.

Source by Joe Hart Brown

Have You Considered Using WordPress For Your Small Business Website?

Even if you run a bricks and mortar store, having a small business website is extremely important. There are many people that search for things online and then go out on the town and shop locally for what they found. I understand that you are on a budget with little time to spare, but that’s why you should be considering WordPress as a software option for running your website.

WordPress is an easy to learn and modify content management system that is open source and continually being upgraded. Open source software is free and usually supported by a fanatical community of users. These users are not only making updates in the code, but they are constantly building plugins and themes which are free or very low cost, this makes the modification of WordPress extremely easy.

Adding new content to your WordPress website is a piece of cake. With the click of a link in your admin section section, you will have started creating a new post or page. I would recommend using your posts to write about new products in stock and temporary sales and I would use the pages to post about more permanent specials and coupons.

If you don’t have a mailing list, WordPress can take care of that for you as well. You can offer your customers a place to subscribe to your blog’s RSS feed by email through Feedburner and then every time you post, you readers will have your post delivered straight to their inbox keeping you towards the front of their mind. This isn’t the best option for maintaining an email list for your customers, but it is free with WordPress and it can be pretty effective.

I hope you have figured out by now that starting your small business website with WordPress is simple and easy on your budget.

Source by B Carter

Top 5 Reasons to Use WordPress

Individuals who are just starting out in the world of Internet marketing might find that it is somewhat overwhelming at first. There are so many different choices they need to make and if they are not careful they can end up spending weeks or even months reading and learning without taking any action. The most important step toward success in Internet marketing is taking that first step. The first thing people can do is deciding what type of content management system (CMS) they will use. A CMS is a system that allows users to manage a wide variety of content in an easy to use way.

The vast majority of sites on the Internet today use some sort of content management system because they are so simple to set up and extremely customizable. The most popular options are WordPress, Movable Type, Drupal, Custom CMS and Blogger/Blog Spot. Each of these tools has its own set of loyal users, but most people agree that WordPress is the ideal option for almost any type of site. People just starting out who haven’t yet made a dime, and people who have been doing it for years earning millions of dollars use it.

The top 5 reasons to use WordPress are:

1. WordPress is free to use – WordPress is an open source piece of software that is completely free to use. Many of the other options may be free for a limited time, or free to use with limited features but not completely free. WordPress, on the other hand, is free to use forever, and there are no restrictions on the features you can use or how many sites you can use it on.

2. Finding WordPress hosting is extremely easy – Creating a website with WordPress is so easy because almost all web hosting companies support the technologies needed to run WordPress. In fact, many companies have specific WordPress hosting options available that will allow the WordPress software to be installed automatically with just one click. This means it is possible to have a site up and running within minutes of signing up for some hosting packages.

3. There are thousands of WordPress plugins – A plugin is a small piece of software written to expand the features of another piece of software. WordPress is an open source content management system, which means that other programmers can see its code and write plugins to help make WordPress look and function exactly as they want it to. Thousands of these plugins are available for free so website owners can create a truly unique sites that have all the amazing features available on the web today.

4. Google loves WordPress – Anyone looking to make money on the Internet will quickly learn that one of the best ways to get visitors to their site is through Google. The WordPress system is designed with Google’s search algorithms in mind. In addition, many of the plugins are written specifically to optimize a site for Google. This gives site owners who use the WordPress content management system a big leg up over their competition. It makes running a site much easier and less time consuming than could otherwise be possible.

5. WordPress is expandable – When people start out with their first website they often don’t fully grasp how big it could become. As time goes by site owners will continue to add more and more content, and without a good content management system it will quickly become confusing and difficult to browse for the users. In addition, the technologies used on these sites continue to advance as more and more features are being developed. Using WordPress allows the web master to keep everything well organized, and the software is updated regularly to ensure all the latest technologies can be used seamlessly on any site.

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The Importance Of WordPress Rest API

The Importance of WordPress Rest API

While developing web applications with WordPress, developers connect the application to third-party programs and services through specific application programming interfaces (APIs). They further use a variety of APIs to enhance the WordPress application’s functionality and user experience. WordPress REST API enables programmers to connect their application to other software and services in a simpler and more efficient way. The developers can use the plug-in to make their WordPress application connect with other websites and services by overcoming differences in data forma and back-end programming languages.

Understanding Important Aspects of WordPress REST API

JSON Data Format

They can use the plug-in to make the WordPress application communicate with third-party software and services by sending and receiving JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects. JSON is a modern and human-readable data format. Also, JSON has encoders and decoders for most widely used programming languages. Hence, the WordPress application and third-party software can exchange data in a mutually intelligible format. The developers can further connect their WordPress application seamlessly to a variety of software and services by writing simple JavaScript code.

REST Methodology

WordPress has designed the plug-in as a universal connector by using Representational State Transfer (REST) methodology. In addition to having a simple data format, REST also allows developers to use commonly used HTTP methods like POST, GET, DELETE and PUT. At the same time, the methodology can facilitate exchange of data in both XML and JSON format. The REST methodology simplifies the communication between two programs. It further makes the WordPress application exchange data with other websites and services in both XML and JSON format.

Compatibility with Other Web Programming Languages

While developing websites with WordPress, programmers have to write code in PHP. At present, PHP is the most popular server-side programming language. But it lacks many advanced features provided by modern programming languages like Ruby, Java and C#. Hence, many developers nowadays prefer writing web applications in modern programming languages. The WordPress REST API will make it easier for programmers to connect WordPress applications to other websites and services regardless of their server-side programming language. The seamless connection will further help programmers to eliminate common compatibility issues.

Facilitate Custom Web Application Development

The WordPress REST API will make it easier for developers to build custom web applications according to varying business requirements. As they can use the plug-in to access third-party information and resources from many sources, the developers can easily enhance the look, feel, and functionality of the web application. Many developers can further create custom websites without relying on traditional WordPress interface. They can further use the tool to build the front-end and back-end of a WordPress application in an entirely new and more efficient way.

Optimize WordPress Applications for Mobile Devices

At present, major mobile operating systems like iOS and Android support JSON data format. As WordPress REST API allows applications to exchange data in JSON format, it becomes easier for programmers to optimize WordPress applications for mobile devices. Many developers can use the plug-in to developer and run mobile applications with WordPress. They can further develop and deploy mobile apps efficiently by using WordPress as the back-end. The WordPress REST API will enable many developers to create native mobile apps by leveraging their existing programming skills.

Simplify Third-Party Content Integration

The WordPress REST API will make it easier for programmers to integrate content from various sources into a website. Likewise, the tool will simplify the process of making the content and resources of a WordPress website accessible to other websites. The WordPress developers can use WordPress more efficiently as a content management system to manage and source website content from multiple sources. They can further use WordPress REST API to make websites deliver more relevant and contextual information to users on a regular basis.

On the whole, WordPress REST API makes it easier for programmers to connect their WordPress applications to other websites and devices. The developers can use the plug-in to create custom websites according to varying business requirements, while integrating content from various sources and optimizing content for mobile devices.

Source by Arun Kumar Biswal

How Can WordPress Developers Build The WordPress Website Like A Pro?

WordPress, the open source CMS constantly astounding the businesses with ever evolving technology, tools, and resources. The platform is moving towards JavaScript and Mean technology stack, which proves to be excellent for the website development in near future.

It’s an outstanding platform for the startups or small businesses for its high usability and easy-to-develop ecosystem, which has been used in every corner of the world.

According to a research, “The platform enjoys the virtue of powering the top one million websites around the globe.”

It signals the content management system has scored great fame for varied size businesses, instead of becoming the preference of just SMEs. The WordPress development services to build the WordPress websites are also increasing at a steady pace with no sign of getting slow down. The astronomical rate of WordPress development has made the professionals to take the WordPress development as their career.

Well, it’s a good choice. Before you jump start, there are a few things that you need to learn like- PHP, CSS 3, HTML 5, and JavaScript to work brilliantly with WordPress. But, it’s just the beginning and there is a lot more that has to be followed to thrive in your WordPress development company. We have got it covered.

Take a look at the five tips which help the novice developers to easily travel the WordPress development journey:

  • Do an experiment for optimal workflow

The workflow takes the development to a new level, and it depends on the developer how they handle the development project’s workflow.

At first, without getting entangled in the intricacies of the development, the developers are required to focus on how they can finish the coding in time by experimenting. Trying the hands with new tools, automating the processes, and with requirements’ customization, the workflow can be optimized.

  • Understand the kernel of the technology

Without learning the core of the language, no WordPress project can be handled or its complexities resolved. After designing the optimal workflow, the WordPress core should be understood so the developers can kick-start any project no matter how complex it is.

There is a ton of study material and tutorials available online using which the WordPress core can be learned.

  • Learn the nitty-gritty of the WordPress

The developers should know the bare-knuckle fight between and, and when to leverage them to build the website. Also, a great know-how of the themes and plugins is needed because in the absence of them crafting a feature-rich website is implausible.

Besides, the quality difference in the premium and free plugins and themes before integrating them in the website need to be analyzed because some of the freemium versions are functioning poorly and not safe to use.

  • Debugging is essential

Just learning WordPress development is not enough, while debugging is also an integral part of the programming where developers must be proficient at. They must be able to locate and rectify the code errors so that the website works impeccably.

But, a large program has thousands of lines of code, which can be easily reviewed and any error can be found out through automated unit tests, pair programming or code reviews.

  • Adhere to the guidelines

Every platform has their own standards and guidelines that should be considered by the developers before they start programming. Not following the coding standards would lead to the program malfunction. So, the core contributor handbook can be checked as a reference to know the WordPress coding standard, and the code can be kept clean, easy and updated.

Closing words

WordPress, the CMS filled to the brim with features actually means different things to the different people. The technology sits at the core of the 25% of all websites running on the webbed world.

With time, the CMS is modernized by the developers through experimentation and amalgamating new technologies. That’s turning the archaic platform into a fast and efficient one that works out-of-the-box for the businesses.

However, it requires the developers to engineer the WordPress website brilliantly, which demands them to have hardcore knowledge of development, be experienced in the development and follow the right procedure. Hire WordPress Developers team that has all the qualities to get up and make the website running stupendously.

Source by Mitesh Solanki