Temporary Office Space For A Startup Business

When it comes to starting up your own business then you are most likely to start working from home. Indeed as a lot of people are being made redundant then there is a rising number of people using their redundancy money to start up a new business.

However whilst starting your business from home and continuing to run it from there is fine for a lot of businesses, for others having a business based from home is less than ideal. It is okay working from home if none of your customers need to come to you e.g. you may run an office cleaning business. If you need your customers to come to you though, then it might be a major issue for your business.

If you are working from home then you are not going to look very professional holding business meetings in your lounge with the kids toys everywhere. Also as you expand the business and take on staff then setting up a computer network and desks in your house is not really going to work either.

So the problem is you may well need office space when starting out, but may not want to take on a lease of several thousand pounds a year for 100 sq. metres, of space, which you may only use a few square metres of initially. This can mean that office space can be your biggest hurdle to overcome. You need space but you do not want to pay for space you are not using. So what is the solution?

Well help is at hand and it comes in the form of a virtual office company. A virtual office company at its most basic offers telephone and mail handling services on your behalf, both of which can help a start up business.

However the good virtual office service companies offer several office space solutions from a hot desking space for a few hours, to the ability to rent desks on a monthly basis, and then to move on to renting temporary office space from 3 months to 2 years as you expand. Basically they offer a fully scalable office space solution, allowing you to rent more desk space only when you need it. And unlike taking on a lease for 100 sq. metres, you are only paying for the desk space you use and not paying for space you are not using.

This is the reason why many startup businesses are turning to virtual office companies for scalable office space solutions.

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